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Car Fragrance - Hanging Car Diffuser - 8ml

Car Fragrance - Hanging Car Diffuser - 8ml

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Now Your Car Can Smell Amazing TOO !! These fragrance diffusers come pre-filled with 8mL of our complex and unique fragrance blends.  You love the way you smell now your car can smell great also. 

Choose your scent from the list below.

Apple Orchard -apples, hay, sweet delicious

Blush -iris, amber,:soft floral, yet fancy

Cotton -agave, spring blossoms, clean

Cypress -bergamot, cypress, crisp, woodsy

Daisy -warm citrus, blooming daisy, cedar

Delta -tea, redwood, sophistication

Earth -rosewood, birch, grounded yet slightly sweet

Eden -gardenia, lotus, fresh cut greens

Goldenrod -nutmeg , vanilla, goldenrod. sweet and dreamy

Lavender Wheat -sweet lavender

Lemonade -meyer lemon, light floral

Marine -ozone, seaweed, driftwood

Milk & Honey -sweet buttermilk, honey

Moss - sage, moss, salt,

Peppered Fig -blackberry, fig, pepper. sweet and spicy

Pumpkin Spice - pumpkin, spice, honey

Rhubarb -herbaceous leaf, root, fruit

River -moss, earth, rushing water

Sable -vanilla, black currant, palo san

Sedona -cactus, patchouli, spice

Sheridan - garden mint, vanilla, fruit

Sunshine -coconut, palm, sea salt

Vanilla Oak -soft santal, vanilla, oak

Willow -lavender, thyme, white peony

Yarrow -apricot, hinoki wood, dark musk


Follow the included instructions, and please contact us with any questions 


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