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Car Fragrance - Hanging Car Diffuser - 8ml


Now Your Car Can Smell Amazing TOO !! These fragrance diffusers come pre-filled with 8mL of our complex and unique fragrance blends.  You love the way you smell now your car can smell great also. 

Choose your scent from the list below.

EDEN: notes of gardenia, lotus and fresh cut greens

MARINE: notes of geranium, driftwood, seaweed and petitgrain

DAISY: notes of warm citrus, blooming daisy and cedar

MOSS: notes of sage, moss and salt. a rugged yet relaxing scent

CYPRESS: notes of bergamot and cedar. crisp and woodsy

SEDONA: notes of cactus, patchouli and spice

BLUSH: notes of iris and amber. soft floral yet fancy.

SABLE: notes of vanilla, black currant and palo santo. a rich floral

EARTH: notes of rosewood and birch, grounded yet slightly sweet

GOLDENROD: notes of vanilla, nutmeg and goldenrod. sweet and dreamy

ORCHARD CREST: notes of apple, a hint of hay.

PEPPERED FIG: notes of blackberry, fig leaf and pepper. spicy and sweet

ALBATROSS: notes of soft santal and vanilla. creamy and light

YARROW: notes of apricot and hinoki wood. fruity dark musk

SPICE: notes of pumpkin, clove and honey.

TOPAZ: notes of coconut, palm and salt. a tropical treat

TUNDRA: notes of juniper berry, pine and evergreen

WILLOW: notes of lavender, thyme and white peony.

BLUEGRASS: notes of agave and fresh peony. 

RIVER: notes of moss, earth and rushing water. a year-round escape

Follow the included instructions, and please contact us with any questions