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Whipped Salt Scrub | Choose Your Scent 8oz.


Whipped Salt Scrub 

This pot pf polish is an amazing fusion of whipped butters, oils, dead sea salt and of course amazing scent profiles. 

Magnesium helps with moisture retention and improving skin tone. 

This is item can be the foundation to your routine in bathing, best to use prior to shaving. NOTE: this may leave a 'slip' or slick to surfaces like tubs and shower stalls organic butters are used. 

EDEN: notes of gardenia, lotus and fresh cut greens

MARINE: notes of geranium, driftwood, seaweed and petitgrain

DAISY: notes of warm citrus, blooming daisy and cedar

MOSS: notes of sage, moss and salt. a rugged yet relaxing scent

CYPRESS: notes of bergamot and cedar. crisp and woodsy

SEDONA: notes of cactus, patchouli and spice

BLUSH: notes of lily and fir, soft floral yet fancy.

SABLE: notes of vanilla, black currant and palo santo. a rich floral

EARTH: notes of rosewood and birch, grounded yet slightly sweet

Use this this to exfoilate and moistirize legs and arms.