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Concentrated Perfume Oil - Roll-on Perfume - MOSS


Skin Revival - Nutrient rich, natural based bath and body products.

Roll-On Fine Fragrance Oil Essence

Scent: >>>>>>>

MOSS:  notes of sage, moss and salt. a rugged yet relaxing scent

SIZE: 0.10m|| 0.33oz

Good Smells Go Like This …

This is a natural based fragrance and will do best applied

On the skin and to certain areas of the body. Focus on the

forearm, wrist, neck and chest for application.

The scent will harmonize with your body heat and become

uniquely yours, and your own scent based on your chemistry.  

Your nose may become less sensitive over time to natural

perfume try alternating scents to refresh your senses.

But trust us you smell great.


Small Batch Made | Fair Trade | Cruelty Free | Phthalate Free | Paraben Free